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Auctions: http://www.furbid.ws/cgi-bin/auction.pl?justdisp&Mehndix

I'm still offering those cheap digital clean sketches for 15$

This isn't as finished as what people would get, just to give an idea.

There's also the cheap digital con badges for 13$

If you have interest let me know.

Now on to the new art : )

MehndiX joins the dark side.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/noseKopie.jpg - Harry and Kate Kitty

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Anthros/ribbony.jpg - Lady fox with a ribbon

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/tancopy.jpg - Custom My Little Pony for Shana, Tangerine Dream

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/reprosecopy.jpg - And one for Farah, Purple Prose

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/fuzzibuzzycopy.jpg - Next is FuzzyBuzz for Harry

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/hodunitcopy.jpg - And last is Henna Heart for me : )

There are still other new pieces of art at my site: http://mehndix.artarchive.org
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Ah, I LOOOOVVVEEEEE the jedi MX.. ;) Such a GREAT shading and pose. ^___^