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Wow has it been a long time! I'll try to be a little more consiquent on this =^.^= Me= Lazy.

At any rate been plugging along doing more work. Expanding what I do and so on : ) Also Ravenwood_Meow. I still have a picture to send if you could mail me your address would be great : )

Worked up in Illustrator with the sketch under it. I'm happy with it so far. It's based on one night this summer while seeing my parents.

"When will you stop haunting my steps?" It didn´t start out this way. But that phrase from the BBC crept back in my mind "Will we live to see another year of the tiger?"

Someone's ready for Halloween. She's also up for sale. Though she is intact ; )

One of my more recent art trades : )

A gift for Tala of herself and her boyfriend.

This is just some of the work I've been working on over the last several months. The rest is here: http://www.artarchive.org/scripts/artist.asp?artist=MehndiX

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