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New Art!

I finally feel like my art flow is returning : D After so long so I thought to post some stuff again.

Done for Smudge Puppy for an lj icon commission.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/woohoo2.jpg -
I was so happy that I finally got the pose right.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/jaggy.jpg - something I had done for XianJaguar, she's very much an insperation to me from her art.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Anthros/getdownbitch.jpg - Wild Dawg in watercolour : D He has anatomy flaws like his chest and all.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/fade.jpg - Fade away.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/shanon.jpg - An art trade : )

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/sctch.jpg- art for Scatch

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Commissions/bdg1.jpg - Badges for Mufasa and Yama.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/hunty.jpg - The big hunter SimbaX ; )

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/missedme.jpg - And of course the outcome!

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Anthros/foxfield.jpg - Fox makes his apperance in red ; ) After drawing him so much I decided to name him, as imaginative as it is Fox.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Commissions/fixable1.jpg - Finally finished that commission. Lots of fun though.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Anthros/doggie.jpg - Illustrator doggie ; )

I'm also offering up live journal icons for 10$ - 15$ Since I want to keep our bank account up with all of Salem's very bills to prevent any other cancers is totaling above 240 euro. So if anyone's interested let me know : )
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