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MehndiX's Furry Art Community's Journal
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Below are the 18 most recent journal entries recorded in MehndiX's Furry Art Community's LiveJournal:

Friday, May 6th, 2005
8:51 pm
Auctions: http://www.furbid.ws/cgi-bin/auction.pl?justdisp&Mehndix

I'm still offering those cheap digital clean sketches for 15$

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There's also the cheap digital con badges for 13$

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If you have interest let me know.

Now on to the new art : )

MehndiX joins the dark side.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/noseKopie.jpg - Harry and Kate Kitty

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Anthros/ribbony.jpg - Lady fox with a ribbon

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/tancopy.jpg - Custom My Little Pony for Shana, Tangerine Dream

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/reprosecopy.jpg - And one for Farah, Purple Prose

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/fuzzibuzzycopy.jpg - Next is FuzzyBuzz for Harry

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/hodunitcopy.jpg - And last is Henna Heart for me : )

There are still other new pieces of art at my site: http://mehndix.artarchive.org

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Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
9:13 pm
Thursday, November 4th, 2004
1:25 pm
New finished works : )

Something I sketched up last night and today decided to give it colour and figured. Why not make it into Scatch.

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Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
1:19 am
Wow has it been a long time! I'll try to be a little more consiquent on this =^.^= Me= Lazy.

At any rate been plugging along doing more work. Expanding what I do and so on : ) Also Ravenwood_Meow. I still have a picture to send if you could mail me your address would be great : )

Worked up in Illustrator with the sketch under it. I'm happy with it so far. It's based on one night this summer while seeing my parents.

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This is just some of the work I've been working on over the last several months. The rest is here: http://www.artarchive.org/scripts/artist.asp?artist=MehndiX


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Wednesday, May 12th, 2004
2:04 pm
New Art!
I finally feel like my art flow is returning : D After so long so I thought to post some stuff again.

Done for Smudge Puppy for an lj icon commission.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/woohoo2.jpg -
I was so happy that I finally got the pose right.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/jaggy.jpg - something I had done for XianJaguar, she's very much an insperation to me from her art.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Anthros/getdownbitch.jpg - Wild Dawg in watercolour : D He has anatomy flaws like his chest and all.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/fade.jpg - Fade away.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/shanon.jpg - An art trade : )

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/sctch.jpg- art for Scatch

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Commissions/bdg1.jpg - Badges for Mufasa and Yama.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/hunty.jpg - The big hunter SimbaX ; )

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/missedme.jpg - And of course the outcome!

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Anthros/foxfield.jpg - Fox makes his apperance in red ; ) After drawing him so much I decided to name him, as imaginative as it is Fox.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Commissions/fixable1.jpg - Finally finished that commission. Lots of fun though.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Anthros/doggie.jpg - Illustrator doggie ; )

I'm also offering up live journal icons for 10$ - 15$ Since I want to keep our bank account up with all of Salem's very bills to prevent any other cancers is totaling above 240 euro. So if anyone's interested let me know : )

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Friday, April 9th, 2004
11:51 am
Friday, November 21st, 2003
7:58 pm
Well, I finally finished a few things.

<---These new icons made by Delusional by the way!

SimbaX needs to be careful of this look, it means she"s going to snatch some beef log

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Anthros/clapfox.jpg : Just a fox clapping his hands. I had tried to do it in illustrator first but I seem to not be able to do it : P Well, real media is nice too.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/ALIAXSANTA.jpg : AlaiX, SimbaX and MehndiX's daughter, tells Santa out the window to be careful next time, since this time she caught him flying away ; )

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/jinx.jpg : Delusional's kitty, Jinx.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/atifur.jpg : Done as a thank ou for a picture Redfur had given me =^.^=

These are either done with crayola pencils and printer paper and the digitals were first done in blue pen, thank heavens sometimes for photoshop...Using so much real media feels good again and the AliaX pictures is a stp, since I really haven't done a real background since last year due to an accident.

Feedback is of course welcome : )

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Wednesday, November 12th, 2003
3:28 pm
Cross post:

So today we called the health insurance offices to find out if I still had it or not and...I don't. I also have currently 4 cavities. With the financial situation as it is I can't afford to pay for them at all. We live off of basicly 800€ a month for 2 people. The university support people turned us down because Harry's mother and father have too large of an income even though we recieve almost nothing from his mother and from his father who he hasn't seen in years, only what the state forces him to pay.

I want to get these fixed but first I need the money.

So I'm offering this:

For 15$ you get a picture like this: http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/D_Sketch/huntedwon.jpg

For 20$ you will get: http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/jinx.jpg

For 30$ you will get: http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/TIP.jpg

Of course donations just to donate to help are also very appriciated : / If you want the original sent arrangements can be made. If you don't have paypal but want art. I can recieve money orders to my moms houe and bring them back with me, or if in the E.U. bank to bank or sending Euro would work.

I don't know what to do anymore : (

You can either let me know what you want once the donation is done, here or mail me: MehndiX @ nala . at
Friday, October 17th, 2003
4:57 pm
Been sometime since I updates : P Welcome to the community to all the new people =^.^=

<-- Showing off my icon art by Leopatra when my computer was acting up :)

Now to what you all are here for:


For my 2sister fluff" Bala. Been some time. Done in illustrator and finished up in photoshop. It just reminds me that there's so much more I want to draw for them.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/gamefluffwhoiscute.jpg : SimbaX getting ready to play those Sega games that got here ;) This also shows the new "birthmark" X on his neck.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/F_Vampire_The_Masquerade/helstand.jpg : My vampire character for Vampire: The Masquarade standing there, probably picking fun at Nagash ;)Done in pen. I still try and work away at learning how to do humans. She's wrong however, she's too thin. I play her in a live action game so she should have my body type.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/playgame.jpg : Still zoned out on those games.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/muckichu.jpg : It's Leopatra's Muckichu!

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/D_Sketch/huntedwon.jpg : Just a pen drawing. It would have a story but I was just too lazy to finish it :(

: Some weeks old. It was done for the yerf trading post in Photoshop 7. Bleh ; P

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/djuetzimustdie.jpg : The most up to date picture of anthro MehndiX. Though I am toying with the idea of making half her bangs match to the non-anthro her. I also want to do that for myself but I can't find Hair mascara : ( I refuse to put dye in my hair it's too dark and I'd have to bleach it. I love my hair and won't destroy it : P

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/leosash.jpg : Leopatra got a hold of Jack Sparrows Sash ;)

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Tuesday, September 16th, 2003
2:38 pm

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/TIP.jpgCrayola on Printer paper. Aside of that hand I am really pleased with it : )

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Wednesday, September 10th, 2003
1:08 pm
Mer.. I need to update huh? Some new stuffies online.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/leop1.jpg : Leopatra in illustrator : )

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/E_Random_Things/snowycopy.jpg : A snow leopard. I was playing in Photoshop with the pen tool : )

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/coyket.jpg : Trading post of Kenket with Coyote. =^.^= I have my reasons for loving the outcome of that post even if I didn't "win"

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/sxflat.jpg : SimbaX got the Illustrator treatment one night. I was working on a MehndiX and Harry thought it was supposed to be SimbaX so I closed what I was working on (not satisfying anyway) and drew thise with heavy shading : )

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Anthros/breafastlioness.jpg : One of the first times I did a decent sitting position for this : P

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Anthros/cleverfox.jpg : Based on the style of old books that i loved as a kid : )

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/Anthros/snowleppy.jpg : Fear it she only has 3 fingers ; )

http://vcl.ctrl-c.liu.se/vcl/Artists/MehndiX/skunky.jpg : If you don't like naughty chest bits don't click, she's a topless skunk ; ) Again I was so pleased with the way the anatomy turned out on this.

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Wednesday, September 3rd, 2003
1:08 pm
Here's a small teaser for BlueSilence ; )


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Thursday, August 28th, 2003
11:18 am
Work in progress time : P Who knows when I will finish this but at any rate. I wanted to test out a new medium which turns out to be water colours. Too bad I used a weak piece of paper, but photoshop helps cover that up. I used a brand called Jolly? Don't know if other Europian places have it or not. It's ok, it's meant for kids but still some very vibrant colours to work with. At some point I'll scan my oil colour piece and then when I mater all those. I a very long time ; ) I will try to airbrush!


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Tuesday, August 19th, 2003
1:38 pm
Thursday, August 14th, 2003
1:47 pm
Lots of new art =^.^=
http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/B_Fan_Art/simbagrinning1.gif : Simba Gif

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/beast.jpg : What�s inside, no not were but beast and hard to control at times

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/A_Main_Artwork/angst1.jpg : OMG WTF!!!!111!!! I am a pretty Anti- Eater!

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/leoratduck1.jpg : Such a wonderful Rat/Dolphin with duck feet Leo is : D

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/sgtsw2.jpg : Gift for someone I know =^.^=

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/leoflash1.jpg : Gift for Leopatra

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/C_Trades_and_Gifts/3.jpg : Done in Pum�s sketchbook.

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/E_Random_Things/giggle.jpg : Giggling Lynx

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/E_Random_Things/drink.jpg : Drinking Lynx

http://www.artarchive.org/artist/MehndiX/E_Random_Things/play.jpg : Playing Lynx

There are 4 others to that series but those were an upload set to test the uploader and I am too lazy to remove them : P

Comments and Critique are always welcome ; )

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Friday, August 8th, 2003
2:54 pm
Three new pictures are online.




The last two are up for sale should anyone be interested : ) http://www.furbid.ws/cgi-bin/auction.pl?justdisp&Mehndix

I'm trying to get back to my more cartoony style. The last two have nothing important other then practice with crayolas even more. The first is a picture for a person I am in a project with that however was done just on printer paper with crayola's. I love the effects and fads. Plus I can afford them more these days more so then prisma and don't give me that crutch of a blender.

Currently I'm working on a commission and working with prisma's again feels so odd. think I've gotten out of it but after all it's just a tool. Avoiding something long enough just to return is good for learning new techniques I think. More control.

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Wednesday, August 6th, 2003
12:31 pm
Ok, so this will help to promote my work and Wild Dawg since he's the one that mostly gets sold : P Also since there's this community I won't post much more art to my personal journal, just personal art.

Current info on him:

Who is Wild Dawg? Wild Dawg is a typical, get away from it all kind of guy. He truely has no real home at all, rather he just lets life take him where it will. Working odd jobs just to get by and have spending cash without touching his traveling money. His parents had passed on in a car crash and left him with more then enough money to help him live out his dreams of traveling and not having a permenant place of living. He loves many and enjoys a good party and just being himself. He can't handle to be "just one of the crowd", as he often would put it.

What does he do? Usally on his travels he works as a simple house cleaner for whom ever would need it, and in which ever country he finds himself. This provides a roof over his home and a kitchen to cook in. If he's up to it he goes out for parties and pubs, he's not much of a drinker, but he loves the happy feeling of those he's around and shares stories with those who want to listen to him. He's been known to also play in the concept of skateboarding. He finds it fun but doesn't enjoy it when people who have no clue about it try and bother him. This keeps him from doing it during the day. He perfers an empty lot and the glow of a simple street lamp.

What does he prefer partner wise? He's not all that picky actually. He is bi-sexual, but choosy. He won't go out and screw anything he comes across. He wants to know who he is in love with and not just what. Sex isn't his main priority in it either, but sure is one nice perk that he really loves. If he were to find the right one he would stay where he finds him or her. Love is the only thing that can tame this wild dog. He often speculates that the reason he travels is so that he can find the one that he is meant for. So far he hasn't found the right one and has had his heart broken many times because he's too much of an idealist and believes so deeply he will find the one.

I'm still writting things out.


Done with Crayola' pencils. Remember it's not what you use it's how you use it. I've been under rating these pencils since 2000, which was the last time I really worked with them. But on bristol board they work simply amazing and feel good to use, not to meantion I can buy them here and they don't kill my finances!

Right now I'm still debating the background. I think maybe a park since he's the type of character who would dance in a park ; )

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Tuesday, August 5th, 2003
11:15 pm
Hereby is the MehndiX's Art Fan Community opened
Hi and welcome :)

With this is the MehndiX's Art Fan-Community opened.

This Community should bring you in touch with MehndiX and her artwork and characters. You can discuss about artwork here, maybe give a critique (if it's reasonable and usefull critique not the "bad" sort of critique.. you know what I mean) or ask questions here.

Kate was always a great friend to me and I thought I should try to support her and her awesome artwork with a LJ Community. This isn't a popularity thing or contest or just a try to brownnose her, it is meaned honest and comes from the heart, please keep that in mind should you post or comment here.
Also keep in mind that I'm not just doing this to do a friend a favour, but to support great artwork from a brilliant artist.

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